Sunday, July 3, 2011

Black Dog Hits Top Sales at 99 Cents!!!

Today, Solstice Publishing decided to place the Black Dog and Rebel Rose Kindle Edition on sale at a paltry 99 experiment of sorts between me and the publisher. What did we expect? Truthfully, we weren't sure.

The result?

INCREDIBLE. While other Solstice authors managed to sell only a few books with their prices at 99 cents, Black Dog and Rebe Rose sales skyrocketed to the highest level that they have EVER been...within only one day's time. In a few hours, the Kindle edition sales rank plunged from 156,000 to under 10,000...and continues to fall steadily toward the Top 100.

Will Skriker and Rose's infamous erotic horror romp explode into one of the top 100 spots? Will it even come close? Who knows...but we can dream. :-)

Snatch up a 99 cent Kindle Edition copy of Black Dog and Rebel Rose while the sale is still on...I guarantee that it will be more enjoyable than that vending machine coffee that you were gonna spend that buck on! ;-)

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