Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rebel Rose

"Rebel Rose"
An in-the-works character illustration of our heroine...

Work continues on the Black Dog and Rebel Rose comic book; the walls of my studio space abound with character sketches, as well as the thumbnail pages for the first 10 panels of the book; a gritty and graphic scene where Rose tortures and kills a True Native demon as she tries to gather information on who might have killed her mother so many years before. It has been an interesting road to travel down thus far, as a comic book makes other demands on me (specifically, visual demands) that a novel of the written word obviously did not. While the story remains very much the same, I have had to whittle certain conversations, actions, and even entire scenes down to accomodate the requirements of illustrated storytelling. And then there is the "erotica question": how much graphic sex should be portrayed in the comic book? Naturally, this particular GN will be targeted at a mature audience by myself and the publisher and will NOT be for children. Still, fretting over whether or not dicks, clits and pussies (to be plainly blunt) should be included is something that I am still struggling to figure out. Perhaps the fans will have something to say about this? I'll have to wait and see.

Despite these challenges, I am finding that the tale of Skriker and Rose's chance meeting fits the graphic novel medium like a hand to a glove. This story has all the action, blood splatter, adventure, and, yes, romance that an entertaining adult comic should offer, and that has made the translation fairly easy.

I am working on setting up the new character art website,, which will include character bios, tons of art, and eventually the first few complete pages of the actual GN itself. I hope that my fans and readers will enjoy visiting the site periodically after launch, watching to see what pops up.

For now, it's back to the drawing board...literally.


  1. Hmm yes it would be hard to know whether to add those extra human parts, lol. I think for your fans that have been following you so far it would not be a problem. But hard to say what newcomers would think. It's a hard decision I reckon. But we are confident you'll make the right choice by you and us. :). Am glad to be sharing the journey with you. Getting to see some of the artworks so far is such a tease!!! Lol. Keep em coming. :D

  2. I like the look of Rebel Rose. Very sexy and hot! As for how graphic, get a few beta readers and hear what they have to say. I like graphic looks in artwork so I'd enjoy reading it.


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