Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What, What? On My Gut!




Now that you're paying attention, a few things to remember about my work:

1.) I do not write "fluffy" romance. I do not, in all actuality, consider myself a "romance" author. No fluff muffin, girly-girl, pink-like-a-pussy SHIT.

2.) I do not write within the mainstream. I do not like work by authors who write watered-down, same-old-radio-playlist, macaroni-and-cheese type stuff. I like cult and "niche" authors who take it to the edge, and I write the same kind of stuff.

3.) I do erotica from the male POV more often than other female authors do. Yes, some of my work may appear to appeal to the Duke Nukem audience (shotguns n' knives, blood splatter, and post-apocalyptic style hunters)...so be it. I love it, so I write it. I am a Max Max dick flick gal who likes hot bikes, muscle cars, and hardcore dudes with big muscles and hair on their butts. And I write like one of 'em, too.

4.)  I do not write "sparkly" romantic "tormented" vampires. My vamps are ugly, stupid, and oftentimes bullet fodder. Just like they were in the old days. They go splat. A LOT. All over the wall.

5.) I do my own covers, MY WAY. No stock pics for me, and my publishers have that down pat. So if you are only attracted to an erotica cover with some waxed faceless model who has a Photoshopped "tribal" tattoo stuck on his arm, you may as well turn away, ladies.

6.) And finally, yes...I WILL buy an ad from a guy who uses his beer belly as a billboard. 'Cos that's just how I roll. ;-)

And may I say that this HAIRY BEER BELLY AD is dedicated with love to all the girls (and guys) out there who continue to love and support this crazy little author...despite her rebellious nature! I love you all, and want you to know that you make it worth it every crazy day.


  1. *snort* Luuurve it! And FYI, I love books written from the male POV because I already KNOW the female's.

  2. LOL. I love the advert!!! And all that you say in this is so independantly fuckingly wonderful. A true warrior of the arts who pounds away at what she wants, not what society wants.

    Keep the good work coming bitch so this bitch can bask in your glory. ;)


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