Friday, July 22, 2011

May Your First Child Be A Masculine Child...

Dear Son:

Mommy just wanted to tell you that she is VERY sorry that she referred to you as "she" for the last two months and was telling everyone your name would be "Iona Elizabeth Rose". She understands how this may have been upsetting to you, but you see it, wasn't mommy's fault. TWO ultrasound techs told mommy and dada that you were a girl. Yep, two! You might want to blame yourself, were squishing your junk up between your legs so much that you looked like you had a taco. We were very happy to see that, since you are male, you are also very HUNG. The tech even said that you are of impressive size and girth down there. Daddy just beamed and said, "Of course." Mommy smiled and agreed (TMI, I know).

So, as I return all the "Daddy's Girl" tshirts and change every damned registry to reflect your new gender, I chuckle at how funny life can be, and look forward to meeting my little man when you finally arrive this winter. :-)

Love You Always!


  1. Congrats!! Now you can name him Skriker *g*

  2. omg! Everyone is saying that...actually his name is to be "Ryker"...just coincidence, but people are soooo jumping to the Skrike conclusion! LOL!


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