Thursday, November 11, 2010

Guest Author Virginia Cavanaugh

I am pleased to welcome guest author Virginia Cavanaugh, here to talk about her book, Secrets of Night.

1. What inspired you to begin writing?

Reading would have to be my biggest inspiration.

2. What was the inspiration behind the characters in your most recent release Secrets of Night?

My latest release is Secrets of Night and it stars Kale and Kierra. I don’t know if I would say something inspired them as much as they just kind of popped into my head. I thought I (might) want to write a paranormal and they said “Hello, you can tell our story.” Secrets of Night was really pretty much born in a matter of an hour. I had to work out the kinks and the back story, but the rest came at me pretty quick.

3. Which character did you have the most fun writing in this story?

I would have to say Kierra. I liked dealing with her frustrations dealing with not only her forbidden attraction to Kale, but also with the way they interacted.

4. What originally drew you to the paranormal/ dark fantasy genre?

My first foray into paranormal/urban fantasy was Karen Marie Moning’s Fever books. I tended to read historical romance and time travel romance up into that point, and had been reading her Highlander books. Since I enjoyed them so much I picked up Dark Fever when it came out in hard back without even reading the blurb, knowing I would love it. What a surprise I got when I began reading. But it was great.

Once I got onto her forum there were a lot of people talking about J R Ward and Kresley Cole and Gina Showalter and Nalini Singh and several others. From there I just got on a roll and have read numerous paranormals since.

5. Do you have any favorite paranormal-themed films or TV shows?

Several I would say, but I will list the ones that come to mind right now.

Underworld all of them

Blade all of them

Twilight all of them

Vampire Diaries

Monster Squad

Lost Boys

Interview with a Vampire

House of Dark Shadows

Fringe and X-Files (although I’m not sure if you would count those)

But here are a few; I could go on for awhile LOL.

6. What literary projects can we expect from you in the future?

My romantic suspense novella Winter’s Shadow will be released from Liquid Silver Books in December.

Right now I am working book two in the Order of Night series titled Deceptions of Night. You will meet the main character in this book in Secrets of Night, his name is Lex.

Then I am playing with several ideas of what to do next. Anything from the paranormal to sci fi to historical, so we shall have to see what speaks to me between now and me finishing Lex’s story.



  1. Thanks so much for having me here today. :)

    And for one lucky guest I will give away a free copy of Secrets of Night today. To win you will need to leave a comment here and email me the answer to a small question at

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    The question.

    What was Kale doing at the Shifter's Mansion?

    You can find the answer here:

    And don't forget comment here and email me the answer. DON"T POST THE ANSWER HERE.

    Best wishes and good luck :)
    Virginia Cavanaugh

  2. Great first chapter I can't wait to read the rest.

  3. Congrats Venus! Check your email. :)

    And thanks again for having me Dami!


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