Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Offer Is Made

Happy Dani.

I am THRILLED to announce that Black Dog and Rebel Rose, my most recent book, will be published in summer/fall 2010 by Solstice Publishing for their SolsticeAfterDark erotica line!

Black Dog and Rebel Rose is an erotic love story concerning Skriker, a half-demon who hunts the “things that dwell in the dark”: vampires, werewolves, other demons, etc. He is meltingly sexy and roguish with rock star style, living life on the wild side until he moves in on a vampire nest in an abandoned town. It is here that Skriker runs (literally) into Rose, a fellow hunter and the most beautiful and extraordinary woman he has ever met. Skriker, whose sex life up until now has been a string of fun but meaningless (and often anonymous) encounters, realizes that Rose could very well be his soul mate and the woman that he wants to settle down with. Little does he know that his new beloved carries an ironic secret that could prove to be fatal: she is a Nephil, a half-angel, and her family connections could very well lead to a half-demon’s undoing.

BD&RR (as it is now affectionately being called) will be available in both ebook and print (paperback) formats from Solstice.

And now...*happy dance*!

(Image note: no, this isn't the cover art--the demon's the blond in BD&RR-- but I just thought it was tasty...;)

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